Why Teachers Are Better With Technology

There are growing concerns with teachers trying to integrate modern technology into the classroom.

It seems that there is a black or white approach when it comes to technology in schools; either the new gadgets and software will be a holy grail that will iron out every issue within the school system and make a new, young generation of highly trained professionals, or that technology is a huge threat. The bottom line is that neither of these is true. Providing that the technology is approached professionally and with an open mind, it can be a powerful tool for teachers which will help modernise and strengthen the educational path.

To allow technology to truly flourish and make a positive difference, empowering teachers and giving students the chance to learn more in a more appealing way, it has to be used as a tool to fix the issues, not be expected  to completely rewrite the education system. Many teachers feel technology won’t help, and that the only effect will be as a political show rather than really helping get any results for the children in the classes. With some work, however, rather than being an extra step that doesn’t have any success, technology can give teachers the chance to decrease their workload, develop the classes and to improve grades. Using pupil tracking software by Educater can help teachers give their pupils the best chance to achieve their highest grades and go on to achieve their highest aspirations.

One of the biggest challenges that teachers face is keeping their students engaged, and making sure that they’re committed to the lessons they’re being taught. According to Gallup Education, students who feel that their teachers are more motivated to help them learn are 30 times more likely to be engaged in the class. Using technology in classes can allow teachers to incorporate more into their lessons. Not only will it increase the motivation of students by making the classes more interesting and more attractive, but it can also allow new ways to present the content in more effective and interactive ways to keep pupils invested in classes.

Arguably the biggest benefits of incorporating technology into schools are opening the doors for teachers to dedicate time focussing on individual students in a way that wasn’t feasible before. These new tools will allow teachers to follow each student separately and make sure that they can approach each topic in a way that works for every student, giving everyone the best chance of developing their learning.

Providing these new tools with a wider reach in the classroom will determine the effectiveness of each lesson, and should help to massively improve the curriculum. Whilst developing new ways of reducing the workload, technology will prove to be a powerful ally for educators, giving teachers more strength and assist them in the classroom.