Why preschool or playschool is important for a child’s growth & development

School is one place where kids spend a lot of their time, apart from their home & playground. Development in kids starts from the very moment they are born. In fact, they start learning when they in the mother’s womb. As it is rightly said – Learning is a continuous process and this is true for kids, as well as adults. Since learning starts from a very young age, it is important to inculcate the right habits in your child when their minds are less rigid and their intake for learning is immense.

Since education plays a major role in shaping the child’s character and preparing the child for the future, it is very important to select the school that suits your child’s needs. Kids will learn more when they are in the company of other kids since they get exposed to different types of people. You cannot keep them confined to the four walls of your home. Hence, it is necessary to get them admitted to playschool. Montessori and Playschool are different forms of preschool though there is a subtle difference between preschool & playschool. As the name signifies, playschool is a place where the primary focus is to keep the kids engaged & active. Kids can be admitted to playschool from a very young age (2~3 years) since the majority of the playschools also have childcare.

With playschool, children get a first-hand opportunity to socialize with other kids and move around freely. Parents opt for playschool admission for their kids since their kids can learn things via playful activities.Normally parents prefer playschool near their homes since keeping kids engaged for a longer period of time as their attention span would be much less at such a tender age. However, the upside is that they are open to learning whatever comes their way hence selecting the right playschool is extremely important.

Every parent wants their kids to succeed in life and education is one pillar that is necessary for preparing them for the future. When we talk about education, it should not be equated to academic brilliance but the learning that is etched in their minds. Preschool is the very first step to the academic development of the child. Many people use preschool & kindergarten (KG) interchangeably. Preschool admission may take more time since parents are always on the lookout for good preschools. While selecting a preschool, parents should keep in mind that the school becomes a place of happiness and not exhaustion. Before visiting the premises of the preschool, it is necessary to read online reviews and getting feedback from parents who send their kids to the same preschool. Generally, working parents prefer preschool that is near their workplace since it becomes easy for them to see their child (if required).

You should select a preschool that adheres to all the safety measures, has CCTV surveillance, and maintains excellent hygiene standards. Classrooms should be well aerated and there should be a good amount of space for kids to move around freely. Activities done at preschool are water play, sand play, play-dough arts, phonics, rhymes, etc. The teaching staff should be patient, well-trained, and possess the right set of skills to engage with kids of that age. Many parents often get confused between preschool & nursery but the fact is they are the same. Hence, when the admission counselor asks you about nursery school admission, do not get confused since they are talking about preschool only!

As parents, we have infinite dreams for our kids but the onus lies on us to lay the right foundation for them and that begins with admission in the right type of school.At the end of the day, you want to see your kid’s happy face and that is only possible if the kid enjoys the time spent at school.