Why do you need a white card in Gladstone?

A white card or a general construction induction card is required for workers who want to carry out construction work. It is an identification given to a person to ensure safety in the field. People who need a white card include site managers, supervisors, surveyors, laborers, and tradespeople. Following a strict policy in construction, only workers with white cards in Gladstone can be allowed to do the job in the construction.

To be able to obtain a white card Gladstone, you need to undergo training at your own pace in an authorized training facility that facilitates general construction induction training to gain enough skill and knowledge on construction and building. 

After having completed your training, you will be issued a white card as evidence of completion of training and it must be noted that white cards must be undertaken face to face and must be kept with you whenever you are on site. This training will give you a basic knowledge of work health and safety laws, common site hazards, and how to control the associated risks. 

Besides, the card you receive is nationally recognized so you can work across Australia with less inconvenience and no trouble. Thanks to the effort of the government to standardize the skills of workers and recognize their efforts in carrying out their duty. With the presence of a white card, there is no doubt that the person who will work in your construction needs is skilled in building or plumbing.

Is it hard to acquire a white card? As far as training is concerned, a White Card is not that difficult to get because it’s an entry-level, basic construction health and safety training course and takes less than a day to complete. By providing yourself with a white card, you will be less at risk at work 

Securing a white card Gladstone protects you as a worker and us as your partner. I do hope that we can do the job excellently to protect each other and promote a safe working environment. If you invest a little time and money on securing a white card, you can guarantee the workloads that you are aiming for.

Gladstone Training Services, on the other hand, is a training school specializing in skills necessary to equip the learner about construction. With a passion to train and detailed strategy in training, GTS supports its students all the way through. They are given new approaches to learning as well as advanced skills in the construction and industrial field. With the training we give, a white card in Gladstone is easy to acquire.