Which One Is Better To Choose: Living On-Campus or Off-Campus

Usually, new university students face a big challenge. That is they need to choose whether they live on-campus or off-campus during their university study time. If students want to make the correct decision, they must carefully analyze their choices. If you choose to live in York University housing, you could have to stay in dormitories in the first year. There may be some personal reasons for your decision as well. A few of them are here:

  • Transportation

The transportation cost can pinch your pocket a lot if you’re living far from your campus. But residing in on-campus may save your transportation expenses. Moreover, by doing this you can save yourself from public transport hassles as well.

  • Privacy

On the other side, if you choose to live off-campus, you never have to face privacy issues. Besides, you can either select your roommate to live together or live independently. However, you cannot choose a room partner in dorm rooms. You must necessarily abide by the rules of the dorm and, share common bathrooms with other students.

  • Food

Another advantage of living off-campus is having additional food options. You can buy your food and make your special meals whenever you want. Pupils who choose to stay in dorms don’t get such freedom; they may either buy food from the restaurants or cafeterias on campus.

  • Social Commitments And Work

You may find better to live off-campus, particularly when you want to work longer during odd hours, and like to live alone as a working student. Such freedom cannot be getting by living on-campus.

  • Finances

Living on campus costs you the same amount as sharing a flat with a few members in a low-cost apartment. Living on campus is always cheaper as you save on your living expenses.

  • Roommates

The students whether they live on-campus or off-campus, are usually found concerned with roommates. However, if you choose to live off-campus, you have an option to choose your roommate to live with. But, in dorms, there is nothing such an option. You have to stay with the chosen room partner. Moreover, a private room is allotted in on-campus only when you have medical issues or legit reasons.

  • Medical Care And Security

The best amenities that are available on-campus are medical care and security. As a student, you will have access to nursing and 24/7 security as long as you are inside the institution. On the contrary, off-campus students experience a lot of trouble while looking for a 24-hour security apartment.