What is the Benefit of Having a CISM Certification?


CISM is indeed one of the most demanding infosec certifications nowadays, and a huge number of IT professionals taking this advantage to move up every year. If you are one of those professionals working in the IT industry and planning to take your career to the next level, we assure, you’ve landed in the right place. 

Yes, after hours of research on this, we are finally here to introduce you to the major benefits of having a CISM certification in your career portfolio. So, let’s get started without further due!

Benefits of CISM Certification:

To be very straightforward, CISM certification can benefit a candidate in many ways, including their recognition as the most capable and skilled information security professionals. Now, let us look into some significant benefits that you can avail of as a CISM certified professional. 

Global Recognition: 

Accredited by ANSI under ISO/IEC 17024:2003, CISM certification can provide you with worldwide recognition as an information security professional holding the highest standard of skillsets and abilities. And, it means that you will have reliable proof of professional progress. Besides, this certification will potentially increase your earning and other facilities compared to other infosec professionals. 

Skill Development:

Being an advanced program, the CISM certification program can potentially provide you with top-notch knowledge and expertise to manage and develop infosec programs. As an IT professional, this particular qualification will bring credibility to the enterprise, and your chance of getting hired will increase, for sure. Besides, you will be recognized as an IT professional having not only infosec expertise but also the required knowledge and experience of information security program management and development. 

Career Opportunity:

CISM Certification can be your lifechanging achievement if you are planning to change your current job and move forward to another industry in the IT sector. Yes, you read it right! IT recruiters, unlike random job recruitment panels, prefer professionals with specific skills and the right qualifications for a particular purpose. 

And, as a CISM certified professional, you are more likely to get noticed by the recruiters. Thus, CISM certification can create more job opportunities for you and can contribute to a great extent to get paid better than your peers. 

Earning Potential:

According to a study conducted by Infosec Institute, IT professionals equipped with CISM certification command salaries of more than $200,000, along with a decent number of career benefits. In addition, this particular certification provides the professionals with the opportunity to move up way more quickly either in their current organization or settle in somewhere else. 

By the time you scrolled down to this particular section of our post, we expect that you went through the lines and come across some of the major benefits of having a CISM certification in your portfolio. Now, it’s your turn to collect your CISM study materials and get started as soon as you can manage if you genuinely want to take your career to the next level or switch your current position. Hope the post was helpful, and you enjoyed reading!