What Are The Best Job Opportunities For MBA Graduates In India

If you have completed MBA in India, there are many job opportunities awaiting you. Firstly, you will receive an opportunity to work as an intern in one of the most reputed organizations in India. This opportunity will be provided to you by the university, business school or institution from where you have completed your Master’s program in Business Administration. Depending upon your field of specialization in MBA, you will receive a number of opportunities to complete your internships during the duration of the course. 

This will open up a number of career opportunities for you because not only will you gain conceptual and theoretical knowledge from the course, the internship will also provide you with practical knowledge. So, in short, whatever you learn from the course you will be able to apply them in your internship.

Once you are done with your internship of 3 to 6 months, you have two options in front of you. Firstly, you can become a permanent employee in the same company and secondly, you can look for better job opportunities. So if you are looking for job opportunities elsewhere here are some highest paying job opportunities that are awaiting graduates who have completed MBA in India:

Project manager
MBA graduates can get the best job opportunities in top companies as project managers. The job description of a project manager is to take care of the entire project and manage the people involved in completing the tasks in a project. So the daily responsibilities include strategizing and planning the formation of the project, creating a team of employees skilled enough to complete the tasks in the project, properly execute the project plans and supervise the finishing touches before submission to the client. The project manager also needs to have a certain level of managerial skill and other soft skills like good communication, sense of direction and motivation to achieve the goals. 

Business development manager
In order to get the position of a business development manager in any top rated firm, the manager needs to have completed MBA in India. The job description of this position involves managing the section of development that can enhance business growth, supervising new developmental projects, expanding the market reach and many other aspects of business that acts as a catalyst for the development of a business. The daily responsibilities for this position involves strategizing and planning the expansion and growth of a profit based organization. Business development managers usually train interns and juniors who would later get promotion as managers. 

Investment banker
MBA graduates who have specialized in finance and banking can become investment bankers. The job description for this position involves accumulating capital in various markets and assisting private and government IT companies in making financial decisions. The daily responsibilities of these professionals include assisting in acquisitions and mergers and staying updated about the latest development in the investment options. This job is in fact one of the highest-paid jobs in India. 

There are more job opportunities waiting for MBA graduates so you should start preparing for your CAT exam today!