Want to be a pro at business admin? This course will help


The integrated degree course in business administration is a stepping stone to a lucrative career in managing successful businesses.

All over the country, there are several new start-ups mushrooming across various business sectors. Meanwhile, there are scores of established businesses in the MSME sector, not to mention various multinational and global conglomerates already in operation.

At the heart of these successful businesses is a team of managers that help in running various company operations successfully. Their job entails troubleshooting, operationalising, conceptualising and executing current and new processes such that the company bottom line increases every quarter, while minimising losses.

Business administration is a heady field to be in, requiring a lot of quick thinking and problem-solving capabilities. If this field piques your interest, you should enrol for an integrated degree course in business admin.

Whatis business administration?

A business administrator oversees all aspects of business operations, from accounting to marketing, and from company finance to project management. Other roles include supervising junior level managers (in charge of specific departments in the company), being a part of certain key HR processes like hiring new talent, etc.

An integrated BBA MBA course equips you with the skills and technical know-how to deal with the daily challenges of overseeing company operations and finding solutions to the same.

What are Integrated BBA and MBA courses?

The BBA is an abbreviation of the term ‘Bachelors in Business Administration’ while the MBA is an abbreviation for the term ‘Masters in Business Administration’. The BBA course is the first step towards getting the MBA in business administration. It is offered by top technical universities and colleges in India.

  • The BBA undergraduate integrated degree course lays the foundation for such concepts in business administration as operations, finance, accounting, offline and online marketing, etc.
  • Meanwhile, the integrated MBA course is a further extension of the undergraduate BBA course, and it incorporates industry-specific skills and technology to help companies with present-day issues at the operational level.
  • Together, the integrated BBA and MBA courses help you learn and implement various theoretical and conceptual aspects of business.

Why should you apply for the integrated BBA MBA course?

If you are mulling over the idea of applying for the integrated BBA MBA course in a top Indian university, consider these factors:

  • You learn the basics of business admin with the BBA degree course, while the MBA course sharpens these learnings and adds to them with industry data
  • The integrated BBA MBA course helps you inculcate and sharper your entrepreneurial skills. After gaining work experience with a good company, you can use this degree to branch out on your own
  • Top technical universities in India offer this integrated degree course to introduce you to, and then apply various aspects of business administration backed by analytical and creative problem solving
  • Top universities also offer a customised syllabus created in consultation with industry experts, apart from six-months industry work experience with credit-backed evaluation. You are also encouraged to develop your soft skills and personality traits by participating in extracurricular activities
  • Successful candidates also get guaranteed job placements in top companies around the country