Train Yourself For a Better Tomorrow

Education has evolved significantly. A degree now has lesser value than practical knowledge. Looking at these circumstances, Nepean Industry Edge Training has started training programs in hospitality, celebrancy, health, and more. Here, they offer quality education and training with the help of passionate individuals that have experience in their respective fields. The campus of Nepean industry Edge Training is located at level 1, 405 Nepean Hwy Frankston, Australia.

Why go for Nepean Industry Edge Training?

As the world has become competitive, getting a job is not as easy as it used to be. Degrees have become just a piece of paper, and what matters more is practical knowledge. Nepean Industry Edge Training provides its students with the exact knowledge that industrialists are looking for. Let us see more about NIET

1) Government Funded Courses

The courses offered at NIET are government funded so that every individual can get skilled training at an affordable price.

2) Range of Courses

NIET offers a range of courses that suit every individual, be it an employee, beginner, or an apprentice. Under these courses, the main focus is laid on developing the skills that are in demand.

Professional teachers

The courses are taught by passionate teachers having a theoretical and practical knowledge in their background. The techniques and methods used in teaching are clear and up-to-date. 

Delivery of Courses

The courses are delivered in 2 formats; face to face and online. Attendance is compulsory as no students should miss the valuable lectures. In online course delivery, class timing is pre-scheduled.  

Certification Courses

The courses offered by NIET are certification programs wherein, after the completion of the program, a valid certificate is issued in the name of the student.

Let’s look at the Courses offered at NIET.

Community Sector Courses

As the community sector is expanding, it demands skilled human resources. The community sector consists of child care, old-age homes, disability or lifestyle, and leisure. NIET offers training and education in building the right attitude as per the demands of the community sector. This course includes a certificate 3 in early childhood, education, and care, a certificate 3 in individual support, a certificate 4 in aging support, a certificate 4 in leisure and health, a certificate 4 in disability, diploma in early childhood education and care, and manual handling(one-day short course.)

Leadership and Education

Under this program, NIET focuses on developing leadership skills among its students as this skill is the key to success. This course includes certificate 4 in leadership and management, a diploma of training design and development, addresses adult language, literacy and numeracy skills, and design and development assessment tools. For more course in diploma you can also go through ib diploma programme singapore.

Health and First Aid

The Health and First Aid course includes cardiopulmonary resuscitation, first aid, emergency first aid response in an education and care setting, basic food safety and practices, and assists clients with medication. 


This course covers responsible service of alcohol, hygienic practices for food safety, and safe food handling practices.


The Celebrancy course consists of certificate 4 in celebrancy and funeral celebrant workshop.

Nepean Industry Edge Training has made thousands of students job-ready and continuously works on increasing the number. To know more about NIET, check its official website