Top 5 career opportunities to avail from data science courses

Data science course can get you the dream job. Other than the perks, there is respect, credibility, and stability in the role of a data scientist. With more technologies getting developed and industries demanding for data scientists, you can expect the best from the market.

Data science is not restricted to just one field or subject. The opportunities keep floating in different sectors. India experienced a massive rise in the data science jobs in 2020. The trend and bar is only increasing as the market is changing. Check out the career opportunities that you can avail if you choose the best data science course in Bangalore.

Top 5 career opportunities to avail from data science courses:

  1. Data Analyst:

One of the most common jobs in data science is of a data analyst. As a data analyst you are expected to transform, segregate, and analyse large data sheets. It is rated as one of the best jobs in India. You need to be a bachelor in math, science, or statistics to apply for the job.

  1. Data scientist:

Data scientist is more technical compared to data analyst. The role is more complex such as preparation of data, cleaning the data, organizing, etc. A data scientist is expected to handle large datasets. As far as the qualification is concerned, you need to have a master’s degree or any advanced qualification to be a data scientist.

  1. Machine learning scientist:

Also known as ML, the role of a machine learning scientist is related more to algorithms, supervised and unsupervised techniques in learning. You need to possess an engineering degree with extensive knowledge and research experience to be a ML.

  1. Applications architect:

An application architect supervises the data within the company, track applications, and keep a track on how users interact with them. Application architect is a highly demanding job and also rated as one of the most preferred. You need to have a degree in computer science and have an understanding of architectural design and programming to qualify for application architect.

  1. Data architect:

Data architects also earn one of the highest pays in the world. They are hired to create new database systems, design analytics, and create ways to interconnect data ecosystem within the company. The main role of a data architect is to simplify the information that can be easily accessed by data scientists. One need to be a computer engineer specializing in subjects like data management, system analysis, technology architecture, and more…

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