Tips For Preparing For The AIEEA UG Exam

The AIEEA UG exam is conducted by ICAR, Hyderabad. This exam serves the purpose of shortlisting of candidates for undergraduate program in the field of agricultural science. If you wish to know about Agricultural Sciences Admission, gathering information about ICAR Hyderabad AIEEA UG Exam would be necessary.

What it is

This exam is conducted at the national level and it happens once in a year. The duration of this test is two and a half hours. It is not a traditional pen and paper exam, rather it is a computer-based test. As it takes place on the national level, the number of test takers is usually huge.

Being prepared

Thus, you may be able to understand that this test is indeed a hard one. You’ll need to be prepared thoroughly if you want to qualify in this test. You should also know the guidelines pertaining to this test, if you want to stand a chance at securing a good place in this examination. You should also know the pattern of the exam and what the system of scoring is. It goes without saying that memorizing the syllabus is a must. You probably already know that it will require an incredible amount of time and effort to be able to secure a good position in this test.

Below are the steps you should follow if you want to succeed in this test:

  1. The first thing you should do is memorize the syllabus for ICAR Hyderabad AIEEA UG Exam.
  2. After that you should focus on gathering as many study materials as you can.
  3. The way the exam is conducted should be known to you, so that nothing comes as a surprise.
  4. You should know how the answers are scored. This will help you be better prepared for whatever questions that might come your way.
  5. You should make a time table for your study. This is a must as it helps organize the studying process.
  6. After you’re done studying, you can sit for mock tests and solve the questions of the previous years. This will get you even better prepared for the exam.

Some more tips

In order to be completely prepared for Agricultural Sciences Admission, you should make time so that you’re able to revise whatever you’ve prepared for so long. You can also choose to revise what you’ve read after you’re done with a topic. It is also a good practice to make a note of important points when you’re revising.

It is recommended that you keep on making short notes throughout the duration of study. This reinforces what you’ve already learnt. It is also recommended that you make a note of all the required formulas on a separate copy. You should know that the books that follow the syllabus may not contain extra information. To be able to know those, you can choose to follow additional reference books. Those will help you become better prepared for the exam. At the very least, you should dedicate 6 hours for preparation.

Taking care of your health

You should make sure that you do not neglect your health while you’re studying for the exam. It is important to stay hydrated properly throughout the day. Make sure that you eat healthy during your preparation phase. You should also make sure you get plenty of sleep.

These are a few tips you should keep in mind while sitting for AIEEA UG exam conducted by ICAR Hyderabad.