Things to Think About as a Freshman When Selecting Electives

One of the exciting aspects of a college education is the flexibility of elective choice in most curricula, which give you a choice in what you learn.  This flexibility will allow you to choose courses strategically to boost your GPA, or help develop expertise in an area that serves your future academic goals as a graduate student, or even ‘just because’ it piques your interest.  Electives may even help you build desirable career skills and knowledge, setting you up for a successful job application, post-graduation.  Of course, all of this should be subject to satisfaction of your degree requirements, and what you want to do after graduation.

To help you select your electives in a way that serves both your passions and personal goals, we at Unemployed Professors have put together the following set of pointers:

  • Explore Majors: The majority of entering freshmen will be ‘undecided’ in choice of major. Electives are the perfect vehicle to explore prospective majors.  If you are considering majoring in literature, political science, and biology then all these subject areas should be represented in your electives.  Remember when taking introductory courses as electives that they only skim the surface; to really explore a specific field, it is wise to take two or three courses in that area.

  • Choose with Caution: Select electives that interest and challenge you.  However, also be aware of general education requirements that you must fulfil.  Additionally, if you are focusing on a specific career, be aware of electives that will help develop skills relevant to this aim.

  • Explore Interests: At college, there will be far more range of interests covered in electives than in high school.  Use this greater scope to take courses in areas that have always intrigued you.  Perhaps you have always wanted to paint, to understand the science of sport, to take great photographs, or to learn about mythology: take art, kinesiology, photography, or classics, to explore these interests.

  • Learn a Language: One way to refine yourself while adding a highly pragmatic skill is to take an elective in a foreign language.  If you choose a language that is widely spoken by immigrants, such as Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, or Hindu, this can have immense positive implications for your future career, provided you deal with the public.

Electives can serve a practical and personal purpose at the same time.  You can expand your knowledge in an area of interest, while gaining skills and knowledge that are valuable in future professional endeavors.  Freshman study is a time to explore:  branch out, read and study widely, and investigate disciplines with an eye to solidifying your major.  Electives are the vehicle that can really determine the quality of your future education, and the extent of your career horizon.

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