Data Science is a field buzzing with prospects. These data scientists gather data, and then develop computer algorithms to analyze it. These algorithms can be used to solve the simplest problems to the most complex ones.

Many countries offer top notch data science courses for a reasonable amount. Also, this industry is developing rapidly, making it the top choice for several international students. A wide variety of courses are offered focusing on different aspects of data science, offering international certification in some cases.

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What do you want to be a data scientist?

The people best suited for this field are the ones with good analytical and mathematical skills; having an ability to solve problems. As a data scientist, you will be collecting data, cleaning and analyzing it, observing trends and patterns that the data has to offer, and then reporting the results. In other words, you will be processing raw data and deriving meaningful results.

Based on these results, you will be developing algorithms in programming languages like JAVA, C++, R and many more. Knowledge of these languages is also a prerequisite.

The upside of being in this field is the wide range of opportunities, freedom to work on projects of your choice. This field does not limit you to any one type of industry or job.  The salaries are above average, a certification in this course is shown to offer a 58% growth. The automation industry is also the most in-demand, safe career choice to be pursued.

However, no field is without its challenges. Most data scientists are specialists in their respective niche fields. They also have a very good command over coding. Data Scientists should be willing to look at the raw data with a specific objective and goal. They should also be excellent team workers and prepared to invest long hours working on projects. An ability to explain the data analysis to a non-technical person is also a handy skill.


The best way to start would be to get a degree with computers and basic programming background. Then research would be the best way to find which specific area of data science interests you. Talking to relevant people in the field or a counselor would help. A full time online or offline certification in the relevant domain would be a great boost. The right program would help you proceed in the best possible way. Next would be getting an internship for some real-world experience. Most recruiters also look for work experience. It would enable you to understand how the industry operates and get hired.

This course is extremely rewarding for people with relevant skills and interests. Eventually, the world is learning to adapt to data science and artificial intelligence. There are no bounds to what can be achieved with innovations in this field. Skilled and talented data scientists will continue to be in high demand.


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