Technology to fire up students’ imagination


Have you ever wondered how most of the science fiction Hollywood movies are created?  Do you ever ask yourself how superheroes are able to fly? All this is possible through the use of green screens. A green screen is basically a green background in front of which moving subjects are filmed and which allows a separately filmed background to be added to the final image. This is the technology that is responsible for most Hollywood blockbusters today. Now imagine the same technology being used for teaching purposes. Now that would be something worth having in our classrooms; portable green screens for schools.

Green screen can be used in numerous ways by both educators and students. One ways is through conducting either real or imaginary interviews. Imaginary interviews are conducted where the students can interview historical figures and real interviews happen when professionals come to the classroom physically to answer questions asked by the students. An advantage to this teaching technique is that the movie can always be viewed again when the need arises.

With the help of a green screen, students are able to create their own movie. This gives them the chance to get their creative juices flowing and they can do so by writing and acting their own script, making and using props and designing their own costumes. This also breaks the monotony of the usual teaching practices and therefore the students are more excited and eager to learn.

It is no secret that many students struggle with solving complex math problems. With the use of green screens, those problems can be brought to life by acting them out. By doing so, students have a much better understanding of where the numbers come from and how to work out the solution.

The green screen can also be used for effective storytelling. This is the case especially for history and literature students. They are able to enact the scenes they read on novels and history books and this turns theoretical learning into practical experience. It is also a great device for inserting images into presentations instead of using stock images. This means that they can make use of any image that they want and need.

Not only is the use of green screen fun and a more interactive mode of learning, it also has other advantages. It is also cheap. All that is needed is a green back drop and a good recording device and you are good to go. You can also add extra lighting if need be but this is optional. It is also easier to use than it looks. This technique has been in use since the 19th century and has evolved through the years. Not only is the green screen good for creating videos and movies, it is also used in capturing amazing photos. In addition to that, it enhances various activities in all subjects. With this type of device, students can put their imagination into practice. All they have always wanted to do but seemed impossible due to lack of a green screen can now become a reality.