Senior And Junior High School In The UST-L – A Glimpse Of The Offered Services

With the shift or transformation of the Philippine educational system, the K-12 curriculum was introduced. It opts to add another two years in the secondary level – junior and senior high school. In these additional years of learning, the aim is to produce students at par with the educational framework of other countries.

Guided by the relentless service towards academic excellence and useful learning tools or materials, the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi is well-prepared to openly welcome students under the K-12 program. The junior and senior high levels of the educational institution is given proper time to adjust. Currently, it has released its several batches of graduates for the tertiary level.

So far, the university achieved its goal of quality education as all students are equipped with the necessary learning in various academic strands in their chosen fields. If you are interested, the process of UST Legazpi admission is easy and made conveniently.

Before deciding to enroll, make sure to stay firm in your strand. If unsure, the UST-Legazpi is of help to you. The university seeks students to have the best experience in learning as a Thomasian.


And to serve as a form of a guide, here are the quality services provided by the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi.

High-Quality Learning University Amenities

The University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi is known for its world-class facilities. The level of quality is top-notch as it assures that every student shall have the most conducive learning environment and complete development. It provides air-conditioned classrooms and well-equipped laboratories for inclusive studying. All facilities are likewise accredited.

Science And Art Programs

UST-L offers two programs under the secondary level: science and a special program for the arts. The educational institution is known for its excellence in both programs. Currently, the general curriculum is likewise offered to provide additional learning and teaching. It allows students to choose which field they are suitable to explore further.

Scholarship Grants

At any educational level, UST-Legazpi is providing scholarship grants to the top students of the institution. It serves as a form of reward for students that excel academically. Under the goal of academic development, UST-Legazpi is eager and proud to have scholars. The UST junior high school and senior levels are both given scholarships and other forms of grants. In effect, students are striving for continuous academic ranking.

Accessible Enrollment Process

To be a Thomasian is no longer a hassle. You can easily enroll through the online services provided by the UST admission processing. It’s one of the commitments of the UST-Legazpi – to make all transactions smoothly in terms of administrative functions. Nonetheless, it provides an impact on the continuous increase of students enrolling in the educational institution.


Final Word

The offered services of the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi vary from one form to another. These are generally or commonly provided by the institution. Overall, UST-Legazpi is in pursuit of providing the best quality of education to all students in both junior and senior high levels. It seeks to produce competent students and develop, not only the intellectual areas but as well as the moral values and spiritual formation – inline with Christian teachings and community.