Save Your Kids from That Killer Video Game Habit

The stats are shocking – over 91% of kids between the ages of 2 and 17 play video games and one of out of 10 of them are estimated to be dealing with video game addictions. Not sure of how to identify these addictions, here is a checklist for you to look through:

  • Will your kids rather play video games all the time instead of spending some spare time with their school work at home?
  • Are their grades constantly falling as a result of this?
  • Do they pick playing with their games over playing with other children?
  • Do they get moody and angry when they don’t get to play their games?
  • Do they get to talk to you about video games more than any other thing going on in their lives?

If you ticked enough boxes, your kids could very well be among them or even be on the way to video game addiction. You are probably wondering of how you can face this challenge, because if you as great a parent as I think you are, you want your children to be well-adjusted and fully functional in the outside world so that they are able to compete with the best. 

But the question is what do you do about this video game habit that has the glaring potential to rob them of the drive to want to achieve anything in life. The answer is simple, you replace that unwelcome habit of video games with an equally compelling but positive habit that will still satisfy their craving for fun and action but at the same time will build up their drive for success and commitment. And there’s no better choice to do that than martial arts.

Which is where I come in

I am Sensei Marcus Hinschberger and my wife, Sensei Christina Hinschberger and I are owners of Tokon Martial Arts, a self-development and capacity enhancing martial arts studio that has trained thousands of youths on self-confidence, mental strength, resilience and commitment using the centuries old and proven strategies of the Martial Arts.

Our dojo has seen children come in nervous and anxious, shy to assert themselves and yet become totally different people who can hold their own against other people and stand for their convictions among their peers.

Here are three reasons why kids end up falling in love with martial arts:

  • The activities are fast paced and energetic so they end up releasing lots of feel good hormones that make them enjoy their time.
  • Tokon martial arts has a culture of community and family where all the kids support each other and grow together.
  • It’s cool to learn self-defense. Some of our kids have been intimidated by bullies, but with martial arts they learn how to assert themselves without violence.

This is your one good chance to equip your kids with the skills and tools that will predispose them to success in life. Video games will not do that, but learning discipline and perseverance in Tokon Martial Arts will. Are you going to sit out on this one or are you going to take action?

Do the right thing today and they will always thank you for the rest of their lives. 

Visit us today at Tokon Martial Arts Sacramento CA.

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