Qualities That Make a Kindergarten Teacher Successful


If you are looking for a kindergarten school for your child, one of the most important factors to take into consideration should be the teacher. Your child will be spending many hours a week with their teacher, so they must be a great role model. Kindergarten is a pivotal year in a child’s academic development, for some it is their first time in school.


Teaching kids isn’t for everyone, you have to be extremely patience when it comes to kindergarten. Small children are unpredictable, you never know what they are going to do, so you must be adaptable and easy going when teaching young kids.

They can test a teacher’s patience on numerous occasions throughout the day because they can be disruptive and easily distracted. Losing your head and shouting at a young child is not going to help a teacher bond and forge an incredible friendship. When searching for kindergarten in Bangkok, you should observe the classroom teacher in action and see how they react to the class when their patience is tested.


Most kindergarten teachers have great ideas when it comes to teaching young kids, but they don’t have access to the right resources. A good instructor must be creative when the right resources are not provided by the school, they won’t have access to everything they want, so they must come up with ways to educate their students in a fun environment.

Kids who are coming to a school for the first time must be welcomed into a warm environment. In addition to being welcoming, it must be stimulating and engaging for each child.


Passion is arguably one of the most important characteristics to have as a kindergarten teacher. If you don’t care about what you are doing, your lack of passion will project onto your students. Teachers who love what they are doing feel like they are making a difference, they go that extra mile to help kids enjoy their kindergarten experience.

Having a teacher who likes kids isn’t enough to be a great teacher, although children can be cute and funny, they can also be difficult and stubborn. During these times, you need a highly resilient individual who can sit back, take a deep breath and go again.


You must be energetic to teach kindergarten students, they are full of energy and you must be able to match for enthusiasm. You kids come to school excited to meet their friends and learn about new things, when a teach matches that excitement with an eagerness to instruct, each student responds positively. Most kindergarten teachers are tired at the end of the day, they spend long hours dancing, singing and moving around the classroom.

Kindergarten teachers are the first adults to introduce children to learning and the wider world. They bring subjects to life and foster a lifelong love for education. When choosing a school, it is vitally important to find out about the teacher, you should look for an individual who has all the traits listed above and many more in abundance.