Python Coding Career Trends Around the World In 2020


Python is the world’s most popular programming language and is mostly used for web development purposes. It has been primarily developed as a more concise and easy to understand language which can be used not only for web development but also in different types of software for gaming, business and educational purposes. Python is gaining popularity in many industries and is a great choice as a first programming language when you start learning coding. For novice learners, Python is simpler and has an easy-to-use syntax as compared to other programming languages. Once you master this language, there are lots of job opportunities for you. Many of the jobs will include building and improving the internal tools rather than working on the finished products itself. Geospatial industry is another economic sector which uses the Python programming technology. Presently, Python is considered as one of the most powerful programming languages. So, if you wish to learn about this language, you might want to consider some of the latest Python trends in the year 2020:

  • Data Scientist

   Data science is one of the fields which use Python in a significant way, and programmers who are interested in starting a career as a data scientist can explore the world of data science with their coding skills. Python allows the programmers to create scripts to automate stuff and its great libraries and frameworks are some of the reasons this programming language is preferred in data science and analytics. Learning Python will help you a lot as a Data scientist as you will be able to build analytical tools, discover patterns and propose ideas for leveraging processed data. It will also aid you in designing predictive models. And it also allows you to perform data visualization and bring out possible solutions for business challenges.

  • Machine learning

One of the latest trends in Python career is utilizing it in Machine learning because of its readability and less complexity. As machine learning project involves extracting, refining, processing and arranging data to develop intelligent algorithms, Python programming language can be used to build a spam detection algorithm which helps you in arranging your email by learning on email history and so on. Also, it is preferred in machine learning because it has high-level dynamic data types and interfaces which combines with a remarkable power along with clear syntax. As compared to C++ and Java, it has a simpler syntax and consists of lots of code libraries which makes your work easier.

  • Web development

As Python is a simple and general-purpose language, most of the web developing tasks prefer using Python language. Its reliance on whitespace allows you to code more with fewer lines as compared to other programming languages such as Java or C++. Python also allows you to build more functions with its great readability and efficient functions. Apart from this, programmers choose to work with Python because it offers you a platform for learning other complicated codes and languages. Therefore, once you have excelled in Python, you can proceed in learning other languages which can help you in your web development process.

  • Software development

data science course in hyderabad is a popularly used language in software development that is used to control and manage software in many ways. Its framework Django makes software development smooth and good enough to function in an effective way.  Python will also help you build a career in system administration applications where you can easily connect to your operating system. Also, you will get lots of databases and applications which allow you to interface with the operating system.

  • Python developer

Recently, there has been an increasing demand for Python developers, especially in the IT industry. So, you can also opt for a career as a Python developer where your job will be to use Python programming language to develop and debug a project. As a Python developer, you will have to work with data collection and analytics and also have to create applications for your employers or your clients. An additional advantage of working as a Python developer is that you can work as an independent developer and use your coding skills to serve your client’s needs.

  • DevOps Engineer

DevOps is a combination of software development and other operations, and Python is one of the technologies used by engineers who practice DevOps. As Python is flexible and accessible, it is best suited for this job which enables the whole team to create web applications and data visualization. Now that you are aware of the latest career trends you can opt for after learning Python, it is time for you to learn and master this language. For this, institutes like PST Analytics who can help you out in enhancing your coding skills. For more related information you can visit

Python Coding Career Trends Around the World In 2020

Data Scientist

Machine learning

Web development

Software development

Python developer

DevOps Engineer