Preparing for Study Overseas

Preparing to relocate overseas for study can be daunting for many people, particularly if they have never visited Europe before. In this short blog we’ll attempt to give you some tips that will help you both prepare for your trip and also acclimatise when you get there. We’ll start with the preparation stage, please see below:

  • Accommodation in your Host Country – This is an area where the people at your place of study should be able to help. If you are currently doing a preparatory course at a college in Thailand, they will also be able to help.
  • Warm Clothes – Do not overlook the need for warm clothing. You may be better off buying bare essentials before you leave home and getting the rest on arrival. The prices will inevitably be cheaper.
  • SIM Cards – You will need to keep in contact with friends and family. There are several well priced data packages you can purchase on arrival.
  • Adaptors and Chargers – You will need an adaptor in order to charge your electronic devices – They are available from supermarkets across Thailand at a cheap price.
  • Banking – Your induction program at your place of study should be able to provide advice appertaining to this. Bring some cash to tide you over.
  • Food – Essential. Although Asian food products from all countries are readily available in the UK, they are more expensive. Your food budget should reflect this.

The above elements are just the essential things you need to consider before you start your international undergraduate study course (เรียน ต่อ ป ตรี อินเตอร์ as it will be called in Thai). Your preparatory course in Thailand should cover all the aspects above and more.  

When you Get There

Be prepared for a culture shock! The first thing you will probably notice, particularly if you are coming to the UK to study, is the weather. Depending on what time of year you arrive, you might even see some snow and ice! The smells, sights and sounds will all be new, and you may feel apprehensive at first but there really is no need to be afraid. The people you meet at the airport, train station etc will be able to help you navigate the transport system to your new place of study, just a word of warning, try not to purchase anything too expensive at the airport, the same products are usually available at a much cheaper price outside.

When you have arrived at your final destination and settled in, you will begin to really enjoy your new environment. As previously mentioned, the vast majority of people are very helpful and will go out of their way to help you with any questions you may have, you are not alone, many of the people studying on your course will be in exactly the same situation.

The most important thing about studying abroad is to fully enjoy the experience. Take advantage of any clubs or societies on campus as these are the best ways to make friends and share new experiences. The opportunity to study overseas is a dream for many people, so make sure you make the most of the opportunity!