NMAT Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme

If you are an MBA aspirant and want to pursue your degree from the top management institutesof India you should consider taking the NMAT exam. NMAT stands for N Management Aptitude Test and N stands for NMIS or Narsee Monjee Institute of Management. Apart from NMIS, top 35+ MBA colleges in India also accept NMAT scores. Among these few colleges, about top ten plus offer scholarships on good NMAT scores.

NMAT questions are prepared by GMAC or the Graduate Management Academic Council.

NMAT Schedule

The NMAT is an online exam which is conducted every year. The exam can be only taken online. If you want to take the NMAT exam, then you need to register yourself before October 3. NMAT is conducted over a span of 75 days and the candidates can choose their own day, time and location as per their preference.

NMAT Pattern

NMAT comprises of 120 questions and the time given to solve the test is 2 hrs. NMAT pattern is based on the multiple-choice type questions and each question carries a total of 3 marks. Each question is followed by a set of 4 answers. A candidate has to mark one among them. If a candidate marks the right option s/he is rewarded with t3 points.  NMAT test can only be taken in the English language. The test paper comprises of three test sections:

Language section: NMAT language section comprises of 32 questions, each carries 3 marks, the maximum section marks is 96.

Quantitative section: Quantitative section of NMAT has 48 questions, each of 3 marks. The section carries total 144 marks.

Logical reasoning section: this section has total 40 questions. The maximum marks for the section are 120, each question carries 3 marks for one right answer.

NMAT Marking

NMAT marking is similar to other online tests like XAT marking, CAT marking. However there are certain differences. NMAT does not have any negative marking on wrong answers and no marks are deducted for not attempting a question. Candidates can review answers at the end of each section and reattempt any question.

NMAT allows a total of three attempts in one admission cycle. If a candidate wants then s/he can book exam slot for up to two more retakes.

NMAT Syllabus

English language: the section tests for English comprehension and usage skills. The section comprises of a comprehension passage. Candidates have to read the passage and answer questions that follow the passage. The ability to correct English usage is tested through fill-ups, synonyms, antonyms, sentence correction, jumbled paragraphs, idioms, phrases and clauses.


The quantitative section tests on basic Mathematics skills. The questions are mainly from the below-mentioned topics:

  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Data presentation
  • Data interpretation
  • Geometry in 2D
  • Solid Geometry (3D)
  • Modern mathematics
  • Solution /mixture problems
  • Mensuration problems
  • Permutation and combination problems
  • Problems on probability theory
  • Problems on number system
  • Problems on percentage
  • Problems on ratio/proportion
  • Problems on profit and loss
  • Problems on Average
  • Statistics problems
  • Problems in time, speed and distance
  • Work and time problems
  • Simple and compound interest problems
  • Problems in coordinate geometry


The Reasoning section of NMAT tests the candidates for ability related to critical thinking, correct logic application and apt decision/choice. Questions on the following topics can be expected in this section:

  • Coding and decoding problems
  • Numeric grid problems
  • Problems on series
  • Critical reasoning ability problems
  • Strong vs. weak argument identification
  • Problems based on calendars
  • Problems on multi-dimensional situation analysis
  • Syllogisms based problems
  • Puzzles based problems
  • Identifying the right statement conclusion
  • Problems on arrangement recognition
  • Best course of action problems
  • Problems on family tree and relations

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