Making the Best Out of Technology during Nursing Clinical Placement

Technology is a big part of our lives and it has made everything more convenient and comfortable. Nowadays, everyone has information at the tips of their fingers and this has made both learning and communication easier. It is only natural to leverage this immense potential to enhance the experience of students training for their careers. Nursing students in particular can tap into a world of benefits by tapping into the opportunities technology can offer to their field.

On one hand, nursing schools and teaching hospitals are fundamentally improving their ways of working by integrating technology into the teaching environment, whether it’s theoretical or practice. This has been shown to foster more active and meaningful experiences. Real time data can help deliver better and more efficient care. Technology enabled working can reveal any patient’s journey in a manner of seconds, thus improving decision-making. This is incredibly valuable especially for a student at the beginning of their journey, trying to find their feet and understand the often complicated and unorganized charts.

Simultaneously, personalized learning experiences using artificial intelligence and machine learning are shifting the paradigm in how students engage with information and apply it. By exposing them to clinical scenarios they would probably not encounter during their practice or by providing them with information that is easily digestible and even interactive, technology bridges the gap between theory and practice.

On the other hand, it empowers nursing students to take control of their experience and development. For instance, a fully integrated clinical rotation scheduling software can automate the strenuous workflow both in school and in hospital, and respond to the often encountered issue of mismanaged rotations. In a fast-paced environment such as healthcare, where round-the-clock responsibility is the norm and the amount of information created can quickly become confusing and overwhelming, having a user-friendly clinical rotation scheduling software on a phone or tablet can literally save lives.

In addition to this, any digitally savvy nursing student – and not only, has the opportunity to choose the best way to access and accumulate information and knowledge. Everyone learns in different ways and has their own preferred channels and forms of doing so. Nursing students nowadays can listen to podcasts, watch videos or set up e-learning profiles and preferences that enables them to receive and consume information at their own pace.

Another valuable benefit technology can foster is information exchange between students. Often the best way to learn is from other people’s experiences. Having the possibility to interact, communicate and debate across a variety of subjects and even locations can help millions of nursing students make the best out of their clinical placement, enrich their experience overall and better equip them for their future careers.

Healthcare is not the only industry that can massively benefit from harnessing the power of technology, but it is without doubt the industry that was in much need of a solution.