Make Learning Malay Language Effective with Online Malay Tuition

Hey Parents! Is your child Struggling with Malay Composition Writing (karangan), Paper 2 and Oral (lisan)? 

Have you tried almost all the “recommended” Malay tuition centres and tutors and still unable to find a suitable Malay tutor to help your child?

Are you wondering why conventional Malay Tuition methods do not work for your child?

If you are looking to learn Malay language in Singapore then Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman is the recommended Malay tutor for you. Dr Elmi has been offering Bahasa Melayu learning opportunities to international school students, PSLE, IGCSE/IB Exams, O/A Level Exams preparations and Adult Conversational Malay.

With an approach based on over 15–years of experience in Malay language teaching, Dr Elmi Zulkarnain has built solid reputation in Singapore’s education industry because he makes learning Malay easy and cater to individual needs.

Online Malay Tuition in Singapore

For parents who are worried for the low grades of their children in Malay subject, they can seek help Dr Elmi’s Online Malay Tuition. Dr Elmi has a wealth of experience in teaching Malay language to all levels ranging from primary school Malay to secondary school Malay. Whether you need a Malay tutor for PSLE, O-Level or A-Level Malay, Dr Elmi Zulkarnain ensures to offer proper guidance.

How Dr Elmi’s Online Malay Tuition can help?

You can trust Dr Elmi to cover the entire Malay syllabus, including all the topics and basic concepts to lay down a strong foundation for the Bahasa Melayu learners. His Skype tutoring lessons include exclusive features like video and audio clips, empowering the students to understand the subject in the simplest possible way. 

Dr Elmi has been successful in providing a friendly learning process which is formulated for every age group. Whether it is about a school-going child or a young college student, the online Malay courses are evaluated according to their specific level of learning, ranging from beginners to intermediate and advanced.

Private online Malay tuition can help your child immensely

Dr Elmi is extremely familiar with the syllabus and exam formats for PSLE, O level, IB and IGCSE. In his 1-to-1 online Malay tuition class, students are less shy about asking Malay-related questions as compared to a virtual or physical classroom environment where they fear being ridiculed by their peers. 

Dr Elmi Zulkarnain often share tips on how to understand proverbs (peribahasa), affixes (imbuhan) etc. in the easiest way and provide detailed notes for his students. 

Dr Elmi can also identify obstacles and provide a customised lesson plan to tackle problem areas, something that cannot be done in a classroom or tuition centre. In addition, he has the reputation in building interest in mother tongue by using practical methods and story-telling about the rich Malay cultures and history.

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