Learning Astrology as a Career 

A fulfilling career is not one that pays your bills or meets your daily responsibilities but one that makes you happy. Are you in a situation where you don’t look forward to going to work every morning? Sucha situation requires you to relook at your career. This article looks at what Astrology means as a career. Astrology entails the study of planetary bodies in the universe with an effort of interpreting past events and predicting the future happenings.  Astrologist study the planet’s influence on the solar system, and that of fixed stars on the earth’s environment.

Just like any other career that has not been pursued by many people, Astrology as a career has a small number of believers and a huge number of doubters. Traditionally, the profession is linked with numerology and palmistry. To understand this profession well, I will share five taking points that will help you know what taking astrology as a career means.

  1. Groundwork

How did you first learn about astrology? Regardless of whether you remember the exact time you first learned about this career; this moment is essential in your life. One way to discover if your path is to become an astrologist is by a pronouncement by an astrologer that one day you will be an astrologist. However, such pronouncement is not enough; youmust accept that you can make a good astrologist. Inner resistance will deny you a chance of becoming a good astrologist.

  1. Education is vital

After having the will and hatch of becoming a good astrologist, the next thing to do is looking for a clear path of becoming an astrologist. In modern society, to achieve any kind of dream, education is critical. Well, education can be at any level, acquiring knowledge for yourself or passing knowledge to your student s or clients. Established astrologist will tell you that a high level of study is required to reach their level.

  1. Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship is the first stage of implementing whatever you have learned.  Here, finds an experienced astrologist to be under. However, if you cannot find someone to be under, you can offer to work for them for free. Through that, you will discover the kind of workload you can handle with a specified period.

  1. Getting started

Here is where your journey of becoming a professional astrologist begins. Before getting started, here are the basics you need to understand.

  • How to deal with appointments
  • Getting your client’s details recorded in your database
  • Come up with a quick way of coming up with the materials needed
  • A neat and comfortable workspace is required
  • Set reasonable rates

Ensure that your rates are neither too high nor too low.You know how much you are worth. I would recommend that instead of adjusting your rates down to meet your client’s financial capability, use your services to help your client afford your services.

  1. Investment

Make an approximation of your total expense each year and ensure that it is not above your reach. Ensure that you include education as one of your expense since knowledge is what brings income when it comes to astrology. Thenumber of dollars successful astrologist spends on their education is astonishing.

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