Hungry Shark Evolution Android Game

Now you can play another wonderful game on your Android. The game Hungry Shark Evolution. Nice game to play at your leisure. One of the fantastic games under Hungry Shark Game Series (5th game). The app is free and you can have this from any of the App Store.

This is a 3D action game. You can be a shark hero inside the beautiful ocean. He is a hungry shark. Eating all most all the things come across. You are the hero below the waves and also above the waves. All the living things are your preys. Including swimmers, shipmen, small fishes, turtles, other sharks and many more other sea organisms including human. This offers you the chance to explore the beautiful life inside the colorful ocean.

The 3D graphics of the game are really stunning and very colorful. And also, they are very clear. Very easy to distinguish between each and every living thing and non-living things. Background music also very cool. Adventurous game which allows you to explore the exciting ocean. Survive as much as possible by eating everything you come across.

This is not Android phone only game. You can play this game on big screen like playing AAA game. Support all most all Android TV boxes, Fire TV devices and Google TV via game controller. You can’t play this game using only TV remote. Use TV app stores like Play Store, Amazon App Store, Filelinked and Aptoide TV to install this game for free.

If you are using Filelinked you have to find Filelinked code for Hungry Shark evolution. You can easily download Filelinked apk for your TV using a simple google search. However, most of the Filelinked stores are filled with TV apps instead of TV games. It is better to use Aptoide TV if you are unable to install this app using your default TV store.

Features of Hungry Shark Evolution

  • In here there are more than dozens of different types of sharks and other organisms to upgrade with different features waiting for you to unlock. These sharks are of 6 different sizes and different abilities. Some are very fast and some can eat more. You can pick the best type and the size of the shark. 
  • Here each shark has to complete some given missions. Here along your journey, you have to meet some of the enemies like giant crabs, toxic wastes, submarines, shark finners and so on. 
  • In here you have to discover some hidden treasures also while eating to fill your belly. There is a map which helps you in finding these sunken treasures.  
  • There is an accessory shop where you can upgrade and equip yourselves. You can buy accessories like top hats, lasers, jetpacks and beyond. As well you can have baby sharks with you to enhance your predatory capacity.
  • By using the evolve menu you can track your own growth. Also, can buy new sharks through this menu.
  • If you activate a gold rush then you can acquire immense power to move above the waves and to eat sailors even. 
  • You can play this nice game in offline mode as well. No need of Wi-Fi or data. Moreover, you can synchronize this game on all your Android devices too.

Download Hungry Shark Evolution Game

This is a free game for Android devices. You can use your default play Store to install this game. If not, you can use third party app stores like acmarket and aptoide.

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