How To Solve Equation Of A Circle Like A Mathematician

Geometry being one of the most prominent and interesting topics in Mathematics, people often find it very easy to study. Most especially for the fun it or for its simplicity. If you are having issues understanding this topic, then you must find a way to study it the way others do and this is by having fun with it. 

Are you having issues with solving equations of a circle? This is much expected if you are having issues with geometry because geometry is its bedrock and a solid foundation is needed in geometry for you to excel here. Notwithstanding, with what you will be getting here, you find the equation of a circle as easy as fundamental arithmetics. 

The basics rules of solving equations of a circle

When it comes to solving equations of a circle, the things that come first are your previous knowledge of radius in a given circle and how to identify a circle. Without these two in place, you will find it difficult to understand certain principles as you proceed. 

Having said this, you need to revisit the aspects mentioned above before proceeding. Knowing all that you should know will help you learn better and give you a better understanding. 

How the equation of a circle is solved 

Just as other sub-topics in geometry, the equation of a circle has a general formula that can be used to solve any kind of problem relating to it.  Your sole duty is to master this formula, understand how it is applied, and the right way to use it. 

To solve any problem, what you will be using is (x-h)^2+(y-k)^2=r^2. X and Y are the axes of a circle, “h” and “k” represents the coordinate points for the center of the circle, while “r” is simply the radius. 

Let’s take a look at an example to help explain this more. But before we proceed, you need to understand the fact that all values inside parenthesis always have a reverse operation. Understanding this will prevent you from making unnecessary mistakes that will affect your results after calculation. 

Given a center of (2,-3) and radius of 5, to find the equation of the circle, all you have to do is input your values in the formula above to get an equation. All things being equal, you should get (x-2)^2+(y+3)^2=25. 

Maybe what you are asked to solve for is the values of “h” and “k” from a given equation of a circle, all you have to do is use the usual general (x – h)^{2} + (y – k)^{2} = r^2 to factor out your values. From this, you should be able to extract your radius which is r/2 and your values for h and k. 

Solving the equation of a circle is quite simple, it all depends on how you see things and how much you are willing to practice.