How to plan the most successful elementary school fundraiser

The introduction of budget cuts in schools created the need for fundraising activities at all levels within the education system. Fundraising events help schools with the added cash needed to offer learners better facilities inside and outside their classrooms. These include essential learning tools like computers, laboratory equipment, books for the school library and printers.

Besides providing their elementary school with extra classroom supplies, essential learning tools, and extracurricular activities, fundraising can also be a fun experience where the students can interact with each other across all age levels. They are also an educational opportunity involving something other than sitting in a classroom.

Choosing the right type of fundraiser

Once it has been decided to coordinate an elementary school fundraiser, then there are a few important decisions to be taken. Which type of fundraiser will work best? Who will be involved? How to make others aware of the fundraiser?

With so many fundraising options available, success will depend on the type that makes the most sense for the unique situation in each elementary school.

Think about the following:

  • What are the long-term financial goals of the elementary school fundraiser and what are the school’s needs over the entire year?
  • Will the funds raised by the activity be used for a certain urgent matter or will they need to last throughout a specific time period?
  • How long do you have to collect the funds in?
  • Who has the talent, time and energy to be in charge?
  • Who are the people that the leader will be able to rely on to make the fundraising event a success?

Advice and strategies to follow from some experts in the field:

  • Potential donors need to have a strong connection to the cause that they are helping. That means that you have to be specific about what the money that is collected will be spent on. It doesn’t help if you just specify “we need money for a sporting event”.  Write down the goal: “We are collecting money to send our U12 Football team to the National School Championships that will be held in Chicago.”
  • Good organization depends on effective leadership. Choose the best team to help and delegate responsibilities and tasks to each member. Everyone must be informed of their duties or responsibilities in writing.
  • If the fundraiser is going to be a long-term effort it will be easier to coordinate. However, if it is going take place over one day or a weekend, you will need to make sure that it doesn’t clash with other planned events at the school or the community since that will mean that you will have a very low turnout. Once the dates are determined it is also essential that you inform the school and the community.
  • As soon as the dates have been established it is wise to book the venues for the event as these are not always easy to find if left too late.
  • Set a goal for how much money can be reasonably raised. This is easier to estimate if the event is an annual one and you can try and increase the goal slightly from the previous event as an incentive to the team to push a little harder.
  • Consult with fundraising experts who have the resources to give you the best advice. They offer online coaching and brochures which will give you some wonderful ideas for a profitable and successful elementary school fundraiser.
  • Many fundraising companies offer to ship brochures and envelopes to you and orders can be placed directly through them. These are ideal for long-term fundraising events. Your school committee will not have to outlay any money to buy products and they offer options such as popcorn, cookie dough, and many other exciting fundraising ideas. If you are having a weekend fundraiser they will ensure that they have shipped the desired amount of products to you for the event.
  • .Fundraising companies often provide a custom letter about your fundraiser, but you can also use social media, SMS, and emails to promote the fundraising event.
  • Fundraising companies offer various profit margins and some even offer free prize incentives that will ensure that your elementary school fundraiser is a great success.

The information above will ensure that you have many successful elementary school fundraising events in the years to come. Your children and their school will reap the benefits in the effort that will involve the whole school and community.