How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

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And today we are going to discuss about a very common question asked in almost every interview. Tell me about your Strengths and weaknesses?

You have to be careful while answering this question and make sure you adopt a right approach while answering this question.

The trick to answer this question is to highlight the strengths which are relevant to the position you are applying for and how will those strengths be beneficial for the organization.

For example you can mention about your ability to handle work pressure very well by quoting examples from your present job where you were able to meet deadlines for every task assigned to you.

For those who have English as their second language I would advise them to make use of common phrases like 

I am really good at…….meeting deadlines, solving problems, dealing with the clients etc.

And suppose the question is about your one key strength then use a phrase like

One of my key strengths is that I am a fast learner or maybe I am adaptable to change.

Now let’s discuss about a very tricky question asked in almost every interview.

Tell me about your weaknesses?

You need to be tactful while answering this question.

There are to ways to handle this question.

One of the ways would be to highlight a skill which is not relevant to the present position.

Another way would be to confess about your weakness and how you have been able to overcome this weakness by undergoing trainings or workshops highlighting your improvements in a particular skill. This reflects your ability to overcome challenges and improve yourself constantly.

A simple strategy to give a great answer to this question would to be honest about your weakness by using phrases like:

I sometimes need to be more confident while dealing with the clients and I am working on this


I used to be nervous while speaking to the clients but now I have overcome this weakness by attending various confidence building workshops and seminars.