How To Make Your Popcorn Fundraiser A Success

One of the best fundraising ideas that you can have is hosting a popcorn fundraiser. After all, everyone loves popcorn, which makes it perfect to attract customers.

When you’re thinking about a popcorn fundraiser, you need to first decide on the type of popcorn that you will sell. You can choose between un-popped corned in packages or you can sell readymade popcorn. Either option is a good choice.

What Makes A Popcorn Fundraiser One Of The Best Fundraising Ideas?

#1: Extremely Popular:

No matter where you go, you always have popcorn for sale. At the cinema, at the theatre, at the shopping mall or anywhere else.

#2: Affordable & Easy To Make:

One of the best things about making popcorn is that you don’t need a lot of ingredients and it is affordable to make.

#3: Good Option For Supporters:

Since popcorn is so cheap, your supporters will be glad to help you out.

#4: Versatile:

One of the best things about popcorn is that you can host a fundraiser around just popcorn. or use it with any other campaign.

#5: Profitable:

Since popcorn are incredibly affordable to make, you can be sure that you will have a successful popcorn fundraiser event.

How To Maximize Your Popcorn Fundraiser Profits

To ensure that your popcorn fundraising event is a success and that you make a lot of money, you should consider these different aspects:

#1: Your Supplier:

While popcorn is incredibly cheap, it is always a good idea to offer high-quality popcorn at your fundraising event. You will be able to find both ingredients and the equipment you need online or at a local store. Make sure to compare their quality and prices.

#2: Advertising:

The promotion of your popcorn fundraising event is always important and you should make sure that you plan it carefully. You don’t want to start advertising your fundraising event to earlier, but you also don’t want to leave this up to the last minute either.

Since popcorn is affordable, you can take a few dollars and distribute some flyers advertising your popcorn fundraising event. You can also use social media accounts to promote it. Don’t forget that you can try asking local media to help advertise your event as well.

#3: At The Fundraiser:

Make sure that you ask for the help of some volunteers to help you sell as much popcorn as you can. However, you need to ensure they are nice and friendly.

You should also let them know that even if they don’t want to get the popcorn bags, they can still donate. Every cent counts towards your final goal.

#4: Use A Theme:

Since there are so many people hosting popcorn fundraisers, you want to make sure that customers see yours as different and unique. So, one of the things that you can do is to think about a specific theme for your popcorn fundraiser.

The theme can be implemented in the bags where you sell the popcorn.  You can also make it a part of the event decoration.

#5: The Seasoning:

While most people love popcorn, we don’t all like the same seasoning. So, it is important to keep this in mind to ensure that your popcorn fundraiser event is a success.

While icing sugar and plain salt are the traditional options that almost everyone loves, you should try to have a variety of different seasonings. This may also help you attract more customers to your popcorn fundraiser.

3 Extra Tips For A Successful Popcorn Fundraiser

#1: Set Your Goal Beforehand:

While you may be anxious to host your popcorn fundraiser as soon as possible, it is important to determine how much money you need to generate to make your popcorn fundraiser successful.

#2: Don’t Leave Everything For The Last Minute:

The less you have to do on the popcorn fundraiser day, the better. In fact, you should carefully plan your popcorn fundraiser in detail to assure that you will have everything in place to make your event a success. From ordering the popcorn and equipment to determining the place where the popcorn fundraiser will occur. Determine the kind of advertising you will use, the seasonings that you will have, whether or not you’re going to have anything else at the popcorn fundraiser such as live music or other snacks.

#3: Make It Fun:

Above all, it is important that your customers have a fun day and that they enjoy themselves.