How to choose an appropriate playschool for your child?

Parenting is a life-changing event for parents as well as for other members of the family. Parenting may sound tough but it is an enjoyable ride. You learn a lot every single day. Though you may have to burn the midnight oil to put your child to sleep, there is still enjoyment in losing your sleep 🙂 It is these small instances that encompass the journey of parenting.

You will feel elated when your child starts crawling or starts uttering the first word. However, once the child grows, you need to make sure that he has enough exposure and learn the essential skills for that particular age. A pre-school or nursery is the first place where a child gets exposure by playing with other kids, communicating with teachers, learning fine & gross motor skills, etc. Essentially, it is the first experience away from you.

The challenge is finding a good playschool as you do not want your child to travel to some playschool which is far from your home/office. Since this is the first experience for the child, he/she is bound to be cranky in some instances. Hence, easy accessibility to the playschool is very important. Most parents have the following questions in mind

  • Which is the best kids playschool near me?
  • What will be the outcome of the program?
  • What will my child learn in the playschool and how supportive will be the school staff?
  • Will the environment in playschool near me be child-friendly?

These are some questions that are not only pertinent to first-time parents. Every parent will have a sense of anxiety when a child goes to playschool for the first time. First of all, you should get the child admitted to a playschool that is near to your home/office else the child may not enjoy his/her time at school.

When choosing a playschool, you should check whether the school follows a ‘child-first’ ideology. The program at the school should be focusing on the all-round development of the child. This is where the child will get an opportunity to interact with other kids, learn from teachers, build fine & gross motor skills via playful activities, etc. The playschool must follow the best hygiene standards and necessary areas in the playschool should be under CCTV surveillance.

The playschool section of EuroKids focuses on ensuring that the child considers the school as the second home. Teachers in the playschool kindle the scientific thoughts in children. Kids also learn language and new-age skills. All these things are taught through fun-filled activities.

Many parents also get confused with playschool, nursery school, and kindergarten in India. These are different terms to address a playschool. Parents sport a surprised look when interacting with other parents who mix these terminologies.

As mentioned earlier, kindergarten in India should be like a second home to your child. You can easily get a sense whether your child is enjoying in school or not by just looking at the facial expressions once he/she returns from the playschool. Though playschools are for kids aged two years & above, their expressions can easily summarize their day in school. If they like the playschool, you will see a sense of happiness on their face when you drop your child to the school. This will happen over a period of time and parents have to be patient in this process.

With more families becoming nuclear and working parents spending time in office, the child must be enrolled in a good playschool since that lays the foundation in his/her life.