How Do You Ask Questions To The Teacher In Class? 

It is a given that when a teacher teaches a subject, the students are not always listening. Some of them are distracted, some do not care about others,  and do not listen.  Half of them are the only ones paying attention. Asking questions in class and clearing your doubts seem intimidating at first, but it is a necessary evil. When you have a doubt in class, you should ask it. Students prefer not to ask questions to the teacher in front of the entire class because, in their minds, the question could be stupid. They are conscious about what the rest of the students will think of them.

Here are some of the tips to help you ask the teacher your doubts and clear them:

  1. Do not be embarrassed

When asking doubts in your class, do not be embarrassed or shy. There is no reason for you to be conscious about something as simple as asking a question. Ask your doubts whenever you don’t understand something or when you think your concept is unclear. When asked by the teacher if you have any doubts, ask them. Do not let them dwell in your mind or forget about them. If you forget a mathematical query, you can go home and find it through the doubtnut app for maths.

  1. Do not delay

You must ask your doubts as and when they occur in your mind. Keeping them in your mind will not only be unhelpful as you cannot clear it then. There is also a high chance that you will forget about it. Missing a question means you do not get to clear your concepts adequately. The same question or something else regarding the topic may appear in the exam. You then may not be able to answer it.

  1. Write it down

Sometimes it is better to write things down to get a better understanding of them. When you write your question down, you can ask the teacher later when the class is done. Later, they can then clear it for you. In this way, you will not be embarrassed or conscious about speaking in front of the class. You can check your write-ups in the doubtnut scanner app.

  1. Do not ignore

Ignoring your problems may not make them go away but ignoring your doubts will make them disappear. When you miss the questions that pop into your mind, you ensure they get out of your mind. To understand the concept, it is essential that you ask questions and receive proper answers in return. It is not possible to clearly understand what a topic is all about without asking questions.

  1. Helping others

Generally, most students are self-conscious about speaking up in front of the whole class. You may be one of them, but by asking a query. You become courageous. You could also be asking questions that other students are waiting to ask but are not brave enough to do so. You may be conscious about asking questions for yourself, but for someone else, especially a friend, you would not mind asking them. Doubtnut NCERT solutions can be of great help to you while helping others.