Hone your creative skills by playing with modelling clay

It is always fun to play with flexible items like clay, slime and so on. Modeling clay is also one of a kind of a flexible material and you can mould it in whichever way you like. You can give any particular shape as it is flexible enough to mould. It is also long-lasting when it is moulded with hard clays.

Children use this modelling clay for playing and for having fun whereas crafters, artists, and technical designers use it for professional use or business purposes. For making clay as a base you can use the dough, oil paper, polymers and ceramic. With the blend of all these, you can make clay and give a shape to it.

Stimulates creativity

With modelling, clay children tend to play with and try to give different shapes. In shops they sell a variety of shades of clay. Try to get your hands on it and give it to your children or any professional artists can also use it to make sculptures. Try to buy the best modelling clay while most of the good clays will be non-toxic, hygienic, soft, and flexible and it does neither dry nor shrink.

It helps your children to learn with fun and also stimulates the imagination power of your children. They will be able to sharpen their creativity skills by playing with it over and over. Each time they will come up with different ideas and give a variety of shapes to the clay.

How children are educationally benefited with modeling clay?

Promotes sensory-motor activities

By playing with the clay the child will know to develop its coordination skills and improves to manipulate the tools of the clay. It builds physical strength in wrists, fingers and arms which enables the child to make flexible movements of the hand. Moulding clays will help to create representative figures by seeing any objects or person.

Personality development

Playing with clay makes the child recognise the feelings and emotions. It allows making choices and taking few decisions independently. Following which the child will learn to concentrate and acquires a sense of control, power and competency over the child’s environment. It makes the child strengthen their emotional ability.

Helps to be an extrovert

Few children are always reserved; they don’t like to talk to others and not even play with others. But if you make your child play with modelling clay he/she will know to value the work of others. The child will not feel shy or feel reserved to talk to others rather it will initiate a conversation with others. Moreover, the child will learn to compromise with others and learns the habit of sharing with others. Another interesting fact that parents should know is that your child will know to appreciate the work of others and understands the similarities and differences.

 The bottom line

Instead of fidgeting with gadgets, you can engage them by giving modeling clay. As it helps them develop their sense of creativity and they will be benefited in many ways both academically and in their personal life.