Here’s how a child can benefit from audio stories

The stories for kids can be delivered in various forms. Books, audio, videos, and even skits. But what do you think grasps the attention of a child the most? Books? No. Plays & skits? Yes but not so certain, as the attention span of any kid is close to the speed of a sloth! Quite an absurd comparison but it is true! A child just giggles away from the focus. So however amusing the skit was, the child is sure to forget about it the next day. But what about audio stories? Let’s dive right into how audio stories have changed the learning aspect.

  1. Why is it that a blind person has an odd understanding or a knack for music? That’s because listening to sound alarms not only sense but also is closely linked to balance. Woah! Stop. Why am I reading about music and science! Here’s why. Blindfold a kid and let the other kid remain uncovered. Make each of them listen to an audio story and a poem. Post this experiment, ask the same questions to each. You will understand that the kid who was blindfolded got better answers and also got better moral value from the story. It’s hard to say if the blindfolded child learned the poem, but it for sure can be said that he had the rhyme quite well in his mind. Here’s why audio stories for children prove to be a better option than videos, books, or plays.
  • There is no way a child is understanding the moral if the mentor teaching him is unclear with the concept. Listening to audio stories saves you a lot of time. If you are a parent or a teacher who is tightly scheduled but has no time to read or watch a video, audio stories are here for the rescue. If you are a child, the audio stories platform is a whole new universe for you! There are bedtime stories to doze off to. Even mythology and moral stories for kids can be heard during early ages. HeyCloudy, an audio storyteller, helps kids to get access to an exciting program of story learning and value building. Folk tales, stories to nursery rhymes, Aesop fables to even instrumental tabla beats! HeyCloudy covers an exciting and thrilling story learning experience.

Now that we have learned how to go about learning, why don’t we get the kids onboarded with it? The initial tip to make a child listen is decibel! Yes, keep the intensity of the sound a bit high but not so high to harm the health of a child. Sound plays a crucial role as it keeps a child alert all the time. So next time when you want to make a child listen to audio stories all you need to remember is the HeyCloudy app. Give your child the free entry ticket to intellectual and curiosity learning.