Finding Love on the Camino de Santiago

Many pilgrims find a new relationship on the Camino de Santiago and that is because it is a very intimate journey of self-discovery when doing it as a single. You form strong relationships in a matter of hours and laugh and suffer together for days on days of walking. This is a prime opportunity for people from all over the world to begin a relationship. Some relationships quickly end after Camino and some that turn into only friendships. In rare circumstances, some relationships that started on el Camino form into a long relationship or marriage. Since people tend to be from many different countries, the majority of relationships are short-lived. The Camino forms a bubble around you that helps people escape from their stressful lives and experience a journey together. Unfortunately, this journey is not always a life long journey and couples frequently find themselves in different countries with limited motivation to change their lifestyle to be closer together. The most frequent relationships that last more than a year tend to be when couples are from the same country or within a shorter distance. Some couples may be from different countries but the flight to see each other might only be a 2-hour journey. This is no different than traveling from Ohio to Colorado.

As you prepare for the journey to walk on the Camino de Santiago, think about your goals for the journey. It is important to keep these in mind when deciding to travel. If you are single and searching for a marriage type of love, keep in mind that life on-Camino and off-Camino are significantly different and make the majority of relationships fail.

If your focus is to find a relationship on the Camino then I would highly encourage you to reconsider what you hope to get out of this trip. It might be best to continue focusing on your self and make it a pilgrimage of heart and soul. After all, it is a religious-based pilgrimage that dates back thousands of years with the culmination of the journey in Santiago.

You can read more about how others on the Camino by reading more books about the Camino de Santiago. You can find Camino books and the ideal backpacking gear or Camino packing list for the trip at different blogs that are specialized in the Camino de Santiago journey.

About the Author:

Caleb walked the Camino de Santiago in the fall of 2016 and is planning another trip with his family and newborn baby in the fall of 2021. He works as a NetSuite developer at a family business in Wisconsin providing IT services to mid-market organizations. This career field is perfect for the Camino because it allows him to occasionally take longer vacations and work remotely. He wrote his first book about the Camino de Santiago and publish The Way of the Cross and the Struggle for Holiness a year after he completed the Way of Saint James.