Environmental Management Outcomes By NEBOSH Course In Glasgow


If you want internationally-recognised certification in Environmental Management in Glasgow, Pivotal Scotland has exactly what you need. The NEBOSH National General Certificate is a widely respected health and safety qualification, designed to meet the needs of modern employers by equipping learners with everything needed to make the workplace safer. This includes environmental management outcomes, making it a great choice for anyone with health and safety responsibilities that pertain to the environment.

Managing health and safety

When you take this course in Glasgow, you will learn a broad range of skills relating to the management of health and safety, as well as the execution of effective risk assessments. Managing environmental risks is important in many businesses, and this training will help you to identify and control common environmental hazards, and measure if the things you put in place are successful in controlling the risk. This job requires specialist skills to carry out properly, and the risks that can come from environmental hazards must not be ignored.

Environmental risks to the workplace

The environment can be unpredictable, and health and safety teams are often focused more on the actions of people. But things like floods, fires, explosions and even hurricanes or earthquakes need to be planned for. Critical business functions need to be protected, or at least covered by protocols to bring them back online quickly after an environmental event. There should be action plans which are tested comprehensively to ensure their effectiveness, and health and safety should never become complacent about environmental hazards. The NEBOSH course will touch on these areas to ensure you have the right mindset to tackle this issue.

Workplace risk to the environment

Of course, the consideration of risk and the environment goes both ways, and the NEBOSH training reflects this. Risk management also needs to be applied to the impact a business has on the environment, and this training will help you with various considerations, including:

Use of energy/energy efficiency

Controlling pollution and waste management

It doesn’t matter what level of environmental knowledge you currently have – NEBOSH caters to beginners and experts alike. The syllabus is designed to develop approaches to risk management across a broad range of areas, and the environment makes up an important part of that approach.

Details of the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Glasgow

The course involves a total of 10 days’ tuition, and optional 1 day for revision, and 1 day for the final assessment. The assessment will include a written paper to test your knowledge, and a practical risk assessment to test the skills you have developed. A pass must be achieved in both units to be awarded the qualification, but the final grade is determined by the result of the written paper.

There are many resources to help with the qualification, and they will be provided to you at the beginning. NEBOSH is the leading provider of national health and safety qualifications and will give you a superb grounding in health and safety legislation, hazard identification, risk control and risk management. Environmental management outcomes are just one of the focus areas, but if you wish to pursue a career in it then this is an excellent place to start your training in Glasgow.

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