Distance Learning: How to make it more engaging?

The CoViD-19 pandemic pushed everyone away from each other. It made everyone distant from each other. Online platforms started dominating most areas of life, and businesses and education shifted to the online mode. The work-from-home concept existed in the working culture, but distance learning, or online learning, was still struggling. However much the teachers tried, it was difficult for them to gain the interest and attention of the students. And without it, teaching them is a strenuous task. It is the energy transaction between the students and the teacher that makes the class enjoyable and learning. In the next section, you will learn what you can do to make your online lectures more energetic and engaging.

How to keep students engaged?

Keeping your students engaged in class is a vital part of teaching them. Older students can control their attention, but it is the younger ones that keep losing their attention. Here is how you can help them stay engaged and interested in class.

  1. Greet them with energy- Staying at home all day can be dull for both students and teachers, but starting the day with energy can turn the tables. When you greet students with electricity in your voice, it will charge your students, and you will have their attention.
  2. Use avatars or emojis- Since cartoons and animations attract younger students, you can use them to your advantage. You can make a Bitmoji class or make your cartoonish avatar to keep their interest in the class high.
  3. Audio-visual help- A plain whiteboard can be tiresome to look at for students. Using advanced distance learning resources will not only increase their interest, but they will also be more active in the class. Since visual aids leave a long-lasting impact on the brain, they will also help students learn better.
  4. Activities- Along with the audio-visual help, it is also essential to conduct activities to help students develop crucial logical, reasoning, and social skills. For example, you can divide them into groups and give them a puzzle.
  5. Keep interacting- You can ask small, topic-related questions in the class to ensure that the students are paying attention. The more engaged you remain with your students, the more response you will get in return.
  6. Stories- Thanks to the video cameras, you can read your students’ faces. You can see when they are getting tired or bored. To rejuvenate their energy, try storytelling. If you can find a story that relates to your topic, it is even better. That way, what you want to teach will stay in their minds for longer.
  7. Connect with them- Show them that you care about them by asking them about their days or holiday. It will empathetically make them care about you and pique their interest in the class.
  8. Get parents involved- The learning should not stop even after school time. To ensure that the students are putting their time to good use, you can connect with the parents. You can suggest some activities to them that they can do with their children. It will help them catch up on family time and also help the students use their time productively.

The pandemic has been tough on everyone, and the students have suffered a lot due to it. Distance learning is the way they can study and continue their classes, whether older students or younger.