Did you know this about a Career in Animation?

Well, who can forget the martial arts obsessed Panda who taught us that skills could help us scale great heights? Blockbuster movies like Kung Fu Panda and Ice Age best depict the capabilities of animation. In other words, the animation industry has infinite scope for those who know how to express themselves.

According to a KPMG and Google’s report, 2017 there will be an addition of 190 million gamers by 2021. Gaming is a well-paying career with a non-conventional workstyle. You can also become a professional gamer where one plays tournaments for the country. A unique course with non-traditional career options.

Despite the economic crisis looming large over the world, animation is one industry that continues to grow at a feverish pace. Quite impressively, the animation industry would open up new job opportunities for prospective animators. Considering the 3d animation courses fees in Mumbai is a good idea to take admission in reputed institutes.

Getting a Graduate Degree

It is always good to approach the animation industry stepwise. In other words, the best way to get a foothold in this industry is by getting a graduate or diploma degree. But make sure that you enroll in good educational institutes that provide a graduate degree in 3D and 2D animation. Quite impressively, a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts is also a great way to build a foundation for a career in animation.

You can also opt for diploma courses that have a shorter duration when compared to the graduation courses. A graduation course in animation is of three years duration. On the other hand, a diploma course in animation usually involves six months. So, as you can see, the career opportunities as a graduate in animation is your best solution.

Commence Early

It is important to commence early if you want to make a difference in the animation industry. To be precise, you don’t need any special skills to study animation. But interest in sketching, drawing, and computers are necessary. Moreover, if you want to bolster your chances in the animation industry, you should have some knowledge of fine arts. Note that animation also involves drawing various characters. So knowledge of drawing and sketching would be an added advantage for you.

Job Prospects

The career opportunities for animators are rising very fast. In other words, you would have access to lucrative job offers. But at the same time, it is important to acquire experience and industry-specific skills. Without experience, it is impossible to get good pay packages in the animation industry.

But you can always start as a junior animator and steadily go up the ranks to get good pay packages. Animation is in high demand across various industries. Moreover, you can readily apply for animator jobs in the television and film industry. Quite interestingly, a single animation movie requires at least 600 animators. Keep in mind the animation courses in Mumbai fees to have a hassle-free admission experience.

There is no denying the fact that the Indian animation industry is on the move. What’s more, the western animation companies outsource their requirements to India. So with experience, you can also work as a freelancer. So the future of animation definitely looks bright with great career opportunities and attractive pay packages.