Before Going to Kindergarten International School, Teach Your Kids To Be Independent

As parents, in general, you know it is a must to teach your kids to be independent. They have to learn how to trust with their instincts and comfortable doing things on their own. While it feels nice to be needed by your children, parents should know how to strike a balance between taking care of the children and allowing them to develop their independence.

Indeed, you should take the time to teach your kids to be independent so they can function well even without you. It is among the basic emotional development that can truly support a child’s growth.

A child is showing independence even at the simplest things at a very early age. For example, your kid wants to hold the spoon on his or her own when eating. It shows that he or she is taking initiative already and you have to support your kid.

Here are some tips you can follow to teach your kids to be independent before going to kindergarten international school.

Give Your Kids Chores Daily

Give a set of chores that your kids can do on a daily routine. The list does not need to be very long or very tiring, but it should include tasks that they are expected to do every day. The chores can be as simple as setting the table, clearing the dishes, and fetching a few items that are safe to handle. Let them put away their own toys. Help them learn to be organized in doing such tasks. In addition, these can help you teach responsibility to your kids as well.

It is important to remember that you should not reward your kids after doing such tasks. It might send the message that compensation is always needed for them to do basic chores.

Let Your Kids Pack Their School Bag

To teach your kids to be independent, they should learn how to pack their school bag. They can practice it even before going to preschool through playing pretend. It teaches them that they should know how to prepare for things they need in school. At the same time, they will learn to look after their needs in school, e.g. when they need to bring something for show-and-tell activities.

While you can help them pack their school bag, do not do it for them. They might just learn to rely on you on doing such things even when they get older.

Let Your Kids Do Things on Their Own

Sometimes, it is easier for parents to do some things for their children, so the latter won’t have difficult time. Resist the urge, parents. Let them dress themselves and brush their teeth. Your kids have to learn how to do such things on their own.

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