BarMax: RSA Course Newcastle


The law’s now made it mandatory for all employees and venues handling alcohol to take responsible service of alcohol courses. If you’re familiar with stories of people getting alcohol poisoning or drunk driving, then you understand why this is a mandatory regulation.

What will you learn from the RSA Course?

The RSA course Newcastle isn’t intended to turn you into a super bartender, so there’ll be no practical mixing of drinks. That’s why this course can be taken conveniently online. Rather, the course will focus on the following issues:

  • Underage Drinking: Some people look older than they are, so it might be difficult eyeballing their age. This course is designed to teach you a few underage behavior/markers to keep you from serving alcohol illegally.
  • Excessively Intoxicated Drinkers: Customers who don’t know when to stop can cause quite a scene if you don’t know how to approach or deny them. You’ll be learning some tricks to prevent such mishaps and learn how to keep drunks from driving. 
  • Alcohol Limit: There’s only so much alcohol the body can handle. You’ll be learning the human body’s alcohol limit, as well as how to measure some standard drinks.

Who can take the RSA Course and are there Exemptions? 

Note that only registered training organisations are allowed to teach this course. It’s why you can’t just tell your boss you read an article concerning serving alcohol responsibly, so don’t need to get a certificate.

Back to the question, everyone working in a hospitality capacity needs to have this training. So, anyone over the legal alcohol limit – intending to work in this sector – can take the course. Those with a responsible management of licensed venues certification do not need to take an RSA course. The RMLV certificate is valid for 3 years, if you already have one, you don’t need to take this.

Bear in mind that state laws may be a little different, so instead of taking a general RSA course from another state, you should see what’s offered in the RSA course Newcastle. If you plan on working across state boundaries, you may need to take extra RSA courses.

How long is the RSA Valid For?

It depends on where you live. Some states don’t have expiration dates, while others are subject to renewal every 3 or 5 years. A good certifier would notify you just before a certification is due for renewal.

Being RSA certified is only half the task. The law now holds alcohol servers liable for excessively intoxicated people, so ensure you hold dear the lessons from your RSA course Newcastle.