About NGOs and Importance of NGOs in child development

NGO is commonly known as Non-government organization and it is legally constituted organizations created by people. Ngo is operating independently from any form of government and it is work in different fields of life. It is most commonly associated with the groups seeking social change and improvement on social grounds.

A non-government organization works on the non-profit base and intends to fight for the social cause. NGO plays a vital role in the development sector and it is widely praised for their strengths and capacity to pursue participatory people towards the fight for development.

Each NGO has own way of operation and collection of funding. Many of the NGO are associated with international aid and voluntary donation. Some of the NGO does not take funds from donors or government, instead of trying to generate funding in other ways like selling handicrafts or charging for services. NGO’s orientation refers to the different type of activities that includes environmental, human rights or other development work.

NGO’s in child development:

Civil society and governments are essential stakeholders in the program to revitalize the community’s needs and bring them out of difficulty. India biggest and marginalized community is its children, at every stage of their life they facing a lot of challenges even at birth. Strategic and consistent intervention by NGO works in the form of on-ground support and activism. They also work with official are a necessity to give every child a better future.

Eliminating child labor: 

Most of the children in India work for 14-16 hours shift in the stone cutting sector, farming, mining industry, and embroidery. Among the 74 countries, India ranked with a significant incidence of critical working conditions. 

Non-government organization work with trade organization to educate businesses about the evil of child labor and the locals in cities and villages are instructed to report child labor at businesses. Reducing its demand is effective ways of ending child labor and child trafficking.

NGO for kids also fights for stronger anti-child labor laws by providing compelling evidence. That forms basic of legislation; legislative victories include Regulation Act and child labor prohibition which was strengthened with the NGO intervention.

The non-government organization has relations with vulnerable communities across India. As well as state and national level governance to address child labor, trafficking, abuse, child rights violation and corporal punishment.

Rehabilitation and relief:

Newborn and child death by awareness campaigns on nutrition and necessary healthcare. NGO for kids works with the department of health and family welfare, Panchayat Raj Institution and development services scheme creating an ecosystem of infant health and survival.

Save the children’s campaigns have reduced chronic malnutrition, check trafficking, infant mortality and increased to access to education. These are part of a holistic approach to civil society, engage governments and community. Youth NGO supporting India’s public health and access to nutrition. 

Donations become part of the movement to give every child’s future. If you donate this organization, you will not only receive tax benefits but also the satisfaction that you have genuinely made a difference and given back to society.