A2 English Test – What you should know?

The A2 English Test is a compulsory test for extending visas to stay in the UK. This test applies to spouse/partner visa extensions and to non-EEA parents of UK citizens to extend their stay in the country. This is a UKVI approved test called GESE Grade 3 or A2. The local office must ensure that candidates have A1 level English before applying for an extension of their visas in the UK. The standard European Framework of Reference for Languages

(CEFR) measures the applicability of candidates before booking A2 exams. This article will give you details about the A2 English Test Booking, Eligibility Criteria, Other Terms, and Conditions of your chosen organization. Let’s get started:

English A2 Test Booking Procedures:

  • Select a site that will help you book your chosen location.
  • Booking Price 200.00 GBP.
  • Candidates must make sure they have the right to take the exam.
  • Special examination centers should be selected and examination dates can also be selected.
  • You can book with the available dates displayed on the site.
  • Candidates will be guided by processes in the area.

Eligibility Terms:

The candidate to write the test must be the spouse/partner of a UK-based person or the parent of a UK-based person.

Eligible candidates can apply for an extension after a 2.5-year stay in the UK, which has been in effect since October 2016.

More information on the A2 test:

There have been some changes that were made for this year. The changes in exam evaluation techniques were made keeping in mind that the learner is benefitted from the exams. The mode of assessment is also said to change but as of now, the information is updated on the sites that guide to clear the A2 exams properly.

Here are some suggestions on the progress of the test and other rules to be followed:

Examination procedure and rules to be followed

The test consists of 7 minutes of speech and listening to test your English proficiency. An interim declaration of results will be made on the same day. Candidates will receive the certificate within 7 days after the interim results. The questions asked should be simple. The test will only evaluate your speaking and listening skills. Candidates need to explain their daily activities, use time, and most importantly understand current continuous time. Candidates should understand the general terms and phrases used in the description of the performance of the weather, geographical position, etc. Proper pronunciation should also be used in short sentences. Each answer of the candidate is properly evaluated for grades and the student’s chance to clear the exams is more if they perform well.

All of this must be submitted to the A2 English test Examiner. Representative candidates can also visit online sites for practice tests. They can also improve their English fluency. After the trial is canceled, voters are allowed to stay in the UK for a five-year visa. So, if you are ready to apply, go through the procedures and apply them immediately.