5 best Linux certifications to get in 2020

The world of IT demands the professional to have a subtle understanding of the Linux based systems especially when it comes to the management and configuration of the software, tools, websites and related elements. For someof the low key professionals in the field of IT, it becomes paramount to acquire a latest certification and the again waltz in to propel further into the IT sector for a better paying job and just a little bright future. This can be done if you choose to indulge yourself in acquiring some valuable certification within the realm of IT such as the Linux related certifications.

We have crafted a list of thrilling and most sought after Linux based certifications of all times, all of the entries correspond to a specific section of IT and is intended to be practiced or pursued by the professionals especially for the year 2020;

  1. Linux+ CompTIA

Linux+ is an entry level certification which is provided by CompTIA and it manages the installation, implementation, distribution and management of the Linux related systems. All you require is the deep understanding of the Linux based systems to carry on with this specific certification system as offered by CompTIA. A variety of valuable settings would be brought into instant introduction with you during the prequel of this course. A few of them include a deep understanding of the UNIX and GNU command systems, Linux installation and package amanegemtn, system architecture, security, administrative tasks and networking fundamentals.

You can find jobs in almost any particular type of the IT based industry and start out at higher salary packages than the professionals who only have basic understanding of the IT or networking systems. This certification without any doubt should be your first choice for the year 2020.

  1. RHCE

RHCE corresponds to the red hat certified engineer which is also a Linux based certification. RHCE lies under the authority of Linux networking and administration certification and is probably the best certification as any that can make you stand out or stick out from a delicate herd of professionals with almost the same credentials.

All you have to do during the course of practicing this certification is to use your base knowledge of the IT and related systems that you have acquired over the years and make it be useful with Linux based systems. This certification can provide you with a decent career boost with high paying salary, senior management related job and control of all and all security operations of a particular IT element under your supervision with the help of Linux systems.

You can learn a variety of dedicated systems, information tactics and systematic tools with the help of the RHCE certification. Some of them do include senior UNIX administrator, senior system engineer, Linux administrator and an IT analyst.

  1. Oracle Linux OCA and OCP

Oracle is a world renowned system administered and controlled by the Oracle corporations and used by various businesses around the world for the sake of safe transaction mechanisms and related effects. Oracle mixed with Linux has launched the Oracle Linux OCA and OCP certification which holds a specific place and dedicated segment/spot within the IT market. This certification by any means is not at all easy and well equipped with a professional who only knows about the basic systems therefore advanced knowledge of IT systems incorporation with Linux is required.

In order to acquire this certification the professional is required to pass a series of exams and performance related endeavors. The complexity of the overall certification depends on the level of Oracle Linux OCA and OCP. There are total 6 of the stages and there is no minimum limit as to how many stages you must complete or pass. But in order to have a full grip over the certification you are required to pass each and everyone of these stages,

  1. LPI certification

LPI or Linux professional institute certifications are still ranked the best in the realm of IT as these exclusively validate the professional knowledge of the person who has acquired this certification. This certification was introduced way back in 1999 and still to this date is the most dedicated certification any employer could have asked for giving away all the important and executive level positions in various IT based companies.

This certification is intended for a professional who wishes to engage in a better and high paying job of their choice especially featuring the knowledge of the Linux based systems. There are 3 modules to this certification and it is not necessary for the professional to pass each and every one of them but all of these can be acquired in a successive manner.

First 2 modules refer to the professionals as becoming the Linux administrators and engineers while the third module loosely translates into the Linux enterprise professional. Complete the dedicated queries for each and every module and you would have a decent certification enough to throttle you further into the way of success within your career.

  1. LFCS

LFCS corresponds to the Linux foundation certified system administrator and the certification itself corresponds to the professional having only administration related capabilities within the IT industry. LFS 211 certification trainingcan either be done online or offline depending on the current resources present to the professional. This certification validates that you have the basic or fundamental knowledge of the IT based systems working with Linux and can put up the best of your skillset for the sake of delivering the excellent administration related services.

Before entering or undertaking the exam, it is necessary that you take theQuickStart’sLinux system administrator trainingto strengthen your skills and understanding of the Linux based systems. This will not only help you perform better during the exam but also promise you a smooth sailing within your IT based career.

These are some of the most high profile Linux based certifications that you should consider indulging into for the year 2020 and score yourself a decent job within the IT industry.